John Engen

    John Engen

    Mayor Engen is an advocate for protecting our clean water, public lands, and is dedication to combatting climate change by acting at the local level. Engen has been a true trailblazer in Montana when he became the first Mayor in the state to sign on to the Paris Climate Accord standing with leaders across the country in combating climate change. Engen was also endorsed by MCV during his successful bids for Mayor in 2005, 2009, and 2013, as well as for his run for city council where he served one term, in 2001.

    Engen for Missoula


    PO Box 5423
    Missoula, MT 59806


    District: City Council Mayor

    Party: Non-partisan

    Incumbent Status: Running for Re-election

    Term: 4 Years