MCV criticizes decision to roll back the Clean Power Plan

Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency??

GREENOUGH, MT – Montana Conservation Voters board chair Juanita Vero released the following statement in response to EPA Administrator Scot Pruitt’s order to roll back the Clean Power Plan:

“Climate change puts my outdoor recreation business at risk. I work alongside my employees, outdoors, hosting visitors to my family’s ranch. The Trump administration’s decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan will not only put me and my employees at risk but also Montana’s outdoor way of life by worsening climate change and increasing air pollution.

“Whether it’s this year’s fire season that led to mandatory evacuations and air labeled as ‘extremely unhealthy’ or warmer rivers and streams with less water that lead to fishing restrictions, climate change is affecting my business as well as others across the state. The bottom line is that the Clean Power Plan protects Montanans.”