MCV Statement on Legislative Special Session

The results of this week’s special session only extends the budget shortage we came here to solve. By taking money from water and wastewater programs and funds to help home and business owners to make their own clean energy decisions, the Republican Majority protected its special interest allies while ignoring Montana families.

These cuts are only the tip of the iceberg. The Republican Majority supported drastic cuts to programs protecting our most vulnerable including seniors, youth, and disabled. None of the short-term solutions will address Montana’s long-term budget mess. By cutting programs like the Treasure State Endowment Program, state parks, pollution clean-up, and renewable energy investments, the Republican Majority proved they were not only out of step with Montana values but apparently unaware of the great value of Montana’s outdoors to our economy – it’s out of touch.

MCV stands ready to support long-term, responsible solutions that will protect not only the most vulnerable Montanans but also our clean air, clear water, and public lands.